Best Desserts of 2009

We are blessed to have the most amazing baker, Melinda Champagne, on our staff here at Bistro-to-Go. Every day she creates extraordinarily tempting sweets and treats for our customers – and devilish delights to plump the waistlines of those of us who work here every day! Not an easy task to be steadfast in walking by the snippets of magic bars she leaves in a prime location in the kitchen – or the pie dough ends she rolls up with cinnamon and sugar just to tempt us. When the chocolate chip cookies come out of the oven she always cuts up a few of them when they’re warm and they find a brief home in the sampling station of the kitchen! And when she makes one of our customers’ favorites, chocolate eclairs, she often makes a few minis for the staff. They don’t stick around long!

So for those of you who love to eat her treats, and for those of you who live too far away to enjoy them, I’ve compiled some photos of our favorite desserts of 2009 – no calories in looking!


2 responses to “Best Desserts of 2009

  1. Get out of town with those beautiful desserts and bring them to NYC….!!!

  2. I’ve never seen such BEAUTIFUL Desserts!!!!!!

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