Refreshing Summery Cucumber Salad

What could be better on a hot summer day than cold and crunchy cucumber salad? There are several Middle Eastern variations (from Greece – “Tzatziki” and from Turkey – “Cacik”) made with yogurt that we especially love and will share our quick and easy instructions here:

Peel and seed 6-8 cucumbers (especially great when they’re from your own garden or local farm stand). Cut into 1/2″ chunks or 1/4″ slices depending on the look you’re going for. Take 1 quart of Greek yogurt (thicker than ordinary yogurt) and put in a bowl with the cucumbers. Decide which herbal flavor you prefer (mint or dill) and pick the leaves off the stems, rinse, dry, chop fine, and add to mix. Take 2-3 garlic cloves, mince finely and add along with salt and pepper to taste. Richard likes to add diced scallion, sweet onion and a splash of olive oil to the mix and then toss together.

This is a wonderful addition to any midday picnic and also makes a great side dish for the Mediterranean steak kebobs we serve for dinner on Wednesdays. It doesn’t hold up well after sitting out on a buffet, so plan on serving it within a few hours of preparation.


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