Plum Delicious Pie

It’s mid-August and lately I’ve been aware of that familiar late summer feeling when the light begins to change and a tugging happens in my heart: summer’s almost over! We’ve had an abundance of delicious fruit and vegetables this year however the early fruits are now gone, blueberries are fading from the scene, peaches have been stars and are now beginning to wane. So what a treat to get our delivery from Red Jacket Farms and see and taste their stunning Vanier speckled plums. We put them in the case for all to enjoy and Melinda had a heyday making pies which just came out of the oven.

Come on in and enjoy the samples she put out of the plum filling. Absolutely divine! or buy a pie to take home.


One response to “Plum Delicious Pie

  1. Thanks Mary Ann for the yummy lemon cupcake yesterday. It was exactly what I wanted and did not get for my birthday last month. The cake, filling and frosting were the best taste and quality I have enjoyed for a while. No surprise, I enjoy your quality food and deserts on all my trips to the Woodstock, NY area. I will also remember you for any catered events. Looking for a local workshop space if you know of one. Blessings, Janet StraightArrow

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