Food Manifesto for the Future

Amazing!!  Mark Bittman’s Food Manifesto for the Future shot to the # 1
Most Popular Shared article on the web edition of the NY Times last weekend.  While there is nothing new in what he calls for, it is radical that such an article would garner so much attention. Granted, people who read the NY Times are not the most representative cross-section of our society, but it does show that more and more people care about where our food comes from.

Essentially, he calls for a more sustainable culture of producing and consuming food, putting government subsidies where they can make a positive difference rather than using our tax dollars to support highly processed and manufactured products. As he points out, it is not just our personal health that’s at stake when we purchase, prepare and consume food – the health of our country and planet are also impacted.

Here at Bistro-to-Go we like to feel that we are a part of this process, preparing and serving food that is inherently fresh and good for us, our neighbors, and the planet. How did it come to pass that fresh foods are costlier than processed foods? It seems crazy that our political and economic systems are set up to encourage this but that’s how things have evolved. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. If the people of Egypt can demand a new government the least we can do is demand fresh food.  Support your local farmers, producers, and makers of food and remember that  Brillat Savarin’s words are just as true now as when he first spoke them in the 1700’s, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are”.


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