Award-winning Chicken Wings


As the owners of a food business that’s committed to sustainability, the idea of specializing in chicken wings, can bring one’s ideals into conflict!! This is the type of gray area we all come up against at various points in our life where the choice is to “give the people what they want” or take the higher road. We have caved on this one!

It all started a few years ago when we were invited to participate in the Ulster County Wing Fling – a new event that was being planned by the Chamber of Commerce, that had the potential to rival the now famous Garlic Festival held at Cantine Field in Saugerties. How could we say “no”? At this point, we made chicken wings occasionally for a special party order, or of course if people requested them for a big weekend like this one: Super Bowl Sunday! But that was the extent of it. Our talented chef Jonathan Sheridan had worked at several restaurants where he put out his own version of spicy wings, so we turned the big competition over to him, giving him free reign to create a great recipe. Which he did – and how! Sweet Thai Chili Wings!

And lo and behold, the 10,000 or so attendees at the festival agreed that Jonathan’s wings were the best – we won first place in the popular vote! Ever since that day, we have featured these delicious chicken wings in our store, as we do now, along with the more traditional Jalapeno Wings, served with blue cheese and celery.

Pick some up today or tomorrow for your Super Bowl party!  Your guests will love you for it!


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