India Beckons

Our resident greeting card designer, Barbara Kashuk, just got back from a fabulous month-long trip to India and talk about getting inspired! She just brought in a whole new batch of cards that she’s made based on photographs she took on her trip. I’ve included some of the card images here to tempt you.

Here are a few of her remarks about the places she visited:

“I loved the 12 days I spent in and around Chennai, A southern mostly Hindu and vegetarian city on the Indian Ocean. The pace  is slower than cities in the north of India, and it’s the largest city in Tamil Nadu State.  After Chennai I went to Jaipur in Rajasthan, which compared to the south, was like a wild west town. The old “pink” city is walled and has gates in different parts that separate the streets that have clothing, jewelry, leather metal, etc. Old Maharajah palaces have become hotels, and some are beyond belief. I went to Delhi next, and the city has changed from when I was last there quite a few years ago. New Delhi is full of Consulates and Manicured Estates, but Old Delhi, where I stayed, is a maze of fascinating streets winding through neighborhoods, and the largest Mosque is there. Also the beautiful Laxmi Hindu Temple.”

Thank you Barbara for bringing these wonderful Hindu deities to the shelves of our store. Come on in and take a few home to share with friends!


2 responses to “India Beckons

  1. Jeannine Celestine

    Hi, can you tell me, if India Beckons is the writer of this blog? I’m trying to cite the author for a speech I’m giving on making bread pudding?
    Thank you

  2. Hi Jeannine,
    Mary Anne and Richard Erickson are the owners of Bistro-to-Go in Kingston, New York and YES we are the authors of this blog, which contains all the content herein! If you would like to get in touch with us our email address is and our web address is

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